Thursday, February 10, 2011

When Twitter Versus Facebook...

<3Yippy, my Third COM125 Blog is happy...WHOOT! WHOOT!<3

In this week, I will explore the usefulness of Twitter, make a comparison between the latter and the current reigning in popularity social network site, the book, as well as draw a conclusion on whether such sites are good or bad for businesses (be it selling your stuff online, advertising spaces, etc)...

To be honest, I am not much of a techno savvy or social buzz person so please believe me if I say that I have NO Twitter account, but I recently joined Facebook in late Jan this year (2011) due to some TV Drama news which I wanted to follow up on...Facebook had it so I joined it, AHAHAHAHA.

This means I have more knowledge on the book than twits; therefore, I will make the comparison based on what I know after looking through the "HELP" page with regards to Twitter.

I have heard rumors that many just "Don't get" the micro-blogging Twitter, and I do agree to a certain extent. However, I feel that Twitter's main usefulness is something that the user invents for him/herself...if you manage to think of something useful for it to do, just do it.

But if you must know, I have outlined some 5 ways that Twitter is useful, though I know you guys are able to come up with even more ideas than myself...So here goes...

News-on-the-Spot:Whenever major events occur, the Twitterer would be twitting on the spot, therefore giving the most current minute-by-minute (or better) updates/news on the situation. Moreover, Twitter only allows short posts of 140 characters which will make news more informal and easier to read/comprehend...

Instant Feedback:If you happen to upload a new video, post some writings or podcasts, and ask for comments so that you can improve on it, you can expect a reply asap. This is so much faster than the response we get from our e-mails (the wait can be killing o.0).

Crowd-Sourcing:Whenever you have a question to ask or clarify or do stuff like a survey, you can get your Twitter followers to help you by providing their take-ons on that particular issue. Similar, they can provide links from the net which addresses the question at large.

Note:You must have a great/reasonable amount of followers for this to count. By having one or two followers would just be redundant.

Acts like a Public Address System:If you make your very own videos like "The Annoying Orange", "Fred", etc.,you can use Twitter to announce the fact that the streaming of new episodes will be officially released on what date and at what time (when it would begin).

Sales & Marketing:Lance Ulanoff, PCMag's editor, had successfully used Twitter to sell the publication's hot if he can manage it, I believe others are able to do likewise.

There are many social networking sites, but there would definitely be certain differences between them. Here are two videos which;
1)Compares Facebook & Twitter in terms of functions, and
2)Concludes which site is the end of the day you decide which you would prefer. (Do click on the links below)

Lastly, I end this 3rd blog article by emphasising the fact that social networking sites are definitely good for promoting businesses in terms of advertising/creating awareness for say the latest product that is about to hit stores soon, easier to build up a good online reputation, to gain wider customer or business connections to add to your business, low marketing cost (near zero), etc.

Below is another video addressing the usage of social networking sites for business in the 21st century...ENJOY!!!

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