Friday, February 18, 2011

E-Business (for Sellers to do, Bloggers to help & Buyers to know...Eyes Only)

Hey Hey Hey, this is currently my fourth COM125 Blog on issues pertaining to the internet. This week my COM125 instructor, Mr. Abel, was educating us on "Doing Business on the Internet". I know, I know...the idea of running a simple business on the internet may seem relatively easy, especially if you are a person who belongs to the "Computer Generation", and is well-equipped with the skills to do so. But well, here goes :)

You might just...
Sign up with sites like Blogspot, Livejournal, and so on to create a Blog page. (It's FREE!)

Customize your Blog (By that I mean in plain English to decorate your Blog with you favorite color, pictures, songs that you like as some sort of a playlist so that the people who visit your Blog could enjoy, etc...)

Post the items that you want to sell on your page. (Please remember to state your price for your product(s), list you terms and conditions, mode of payment(s) preferred (the mores the better coz it means more business locally and internationally), returns and shipping cost if necessary.)

However, sellers with such Blog-shops have to attain and maintain their credibility to ensure buyers that they are not only trustworthy but also legitimate so as to establish long-term businesses with their online clients. Since buyers would usually not make any purchases from sellers who tend to cause suspicion, credibility is vital and critical for their e-business. So what are things sellers can do...

For beginner sellers, they can get their credibility by keeping a fast and efficient two-way communication between themselves and their potential buyers; they can give prompt replies on product information, and prompt deliveries or postage to their customers who ordered from them. These sellers should also respect the anonymity of these buyers and not expose their financial information, and so on.

For sellers who have already established themselves well, they can give a short profile on themselves or link to prove their credibility such as indicating that he or she has an Ebay account with 99.9% of customers (old and new) giving good or excellent feedback.

Click this link to view an example of a Blog-shop( Call me childish, but I happen to frequent this site coz I just love stuffed Kapibara-san. Now conveniently, what I am doing is helping this particular Blogshop do a free "advertisement" (heard they are currently having a 20-30% discount, so go visit if you want to) to let my readers and fellow bloggers know the existence of such a site, as well as promoting the specialty of this online shop; it sells plus-hies for collectors or toy lovers or for gifts. ;3

Lastly, this goes out to all online buyers out there, please remember to never ever disclose your bank or card information, because the number of fraud cases online is increasing. If the seller is a scam, he or she may use these information to hack into your bank account(s) and well you know what happens next, right? There goes your money, boohoo :.(

I would highly recommend paying through Paypal coz at the very least they do insure you and help "chase" your money back from sellers who are not responsive or who had sent out a defective, damaged, or did not send out your item(s) at all. You can do so by opening a case under the Resolution section on the Paypal page provided you have a credit/debit card and an account with them.

Here are videos of how you can set up a Paypal account and use it for payment on online purchases and receiving payment for sellers from international buyers. Do click on the videos...Enjoy XD

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