Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Could Happen to the Internet in Future? Let's Predict...

This is my final Blog, and I have 3 predictions on the future of the internet in the next say 10 years.

As of today, we are not only able to shop, bank, meet, and work with people online, but also share what we are doing every single minute by updating our statuses on social networking sites such as the Facebook or Twitter.

Moreover, we are also able to read online books, listen to music online at places like, watch the latest movies or TV series on Baidu, Zshare, and so on, as well as sharing and airing our views on a certain hot issue through blogging on LiveJournal and rating our favorite content of the day.

However, as we do know, technology and the Internet will continue to develop and evolve and there is no stopping this. Right now, its perils are equal to its potential. The debate over ‘net neutrality’ is at a fever pitch. There is a tug-of-war going on between an ‘open web’ and a more governed form of the web (like the Apple-approved apps on the iPad/iPhone) that has more security but less freedom.

So, what does this mean for the evolution of the Internet? Here are my Predictions.

Prediction 1:
The Death of the Open Web-The Internet's vulnerability is due to the introduction of Internet-centric products like the IPad or Smartphones which are not easily modified by anyone except their vendors and their approved partners. Moreover, these new technologies tend to have a higher degree of reliability as compared to the Internet, because they do not allow unapproved third-party code (such as the kind that could be used to install a virus) to run on them. Therefore, the security risks of the Internet may potentially kill it.

Prediction 2:
Interactive Landscapes-For example, billboards that watch us shop will make targeted suggestions based on our ages, locations and past buying habits, and stores will effectively be turned inside out as dialogue and personalized interaction with customers begins outside the store.

In my view, I sincerely hope this would not happen, at least not in Singapore, because I would get the feeling as if the sales assistant of the store is tailing me and breathing down my neck...EEWW!! Furthermore, I cannot imagine myself being attended to by a holographic salesperson, it's just not natural.

Prediction 3:
Creation of Cyborgs-We might be capable enough in future to install the Internet directly into a person through a tiny micro-chip. For instance, a blind person could have a micro-chip surgically implanted into his or her eye that transmit a signal to the brain to form an image.

"Through technology, we hold the reins to our own revolution". The future of the Internet would be decided by our actions, choices and decisions.

Here is a little tidbit which I would love to share with you readers, its a joke about the future technologies which we could have in future XD

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